Topics: Knowledge, Cognition, Observation Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Desiree Acevedo
Pd 102
Ms. Williams
Week 1

As I did the Learning Style Graph it came about that when I'm in school I'm more of an observer. That would be very true, I feel as if I observe I learn faster and I understand more of what was said inside the classroom. Therefore, it will help me understand the assignments that are given to me. The reason I observe first is because once i get done observing , I plan things out and then I take the time to make sure I fully understand the topic. When I observe it guides me on passing my test, homework assignments and projects. Everyone has there own method of learning. In my opinion I think observing is the best way because, it helps you understand the concept of the topic. As I watch the instructor as she explains word by word, on a chapter we are currently learning about it helps me and guides me so that I plan ahead and know what i have to do for the assignment that will be given to us. I never feel lost or stuck where I'm sitting with a blank face on saying to myself "what did the teacher just say"?. Of course you are going to have a question or two thats fine , you always want to be sure. Teachers like when you ask them questions it shows them you were paying attention. My theory is you learn faster when you observe and when things are hands on. Everyone has there own way of learning , not everyone is the same. Observation is to become familiar with the insiders to refine and subsequent observation and data collection. It has become aparent to me in the past few months that most people are not really thinkers, but are more observers .One who doesnt understand their learning style is never really learning. Observing and learning is the concept to everything we do in this life. Actively recording thoughts and information learned is the most imortant thing in retaining knowledge and information. This is why I think its better for me to be observing in class because I also pick up things quicker.
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