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outcome4-Be able to agree personal development plan

4.1-Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development. . Line manager -they help me by answering any concerns I have about work . Observations -college assessor comes in to watch me do my job and they talks to me about any concerns they have seen, they will advise and support me with my performance and development. Also head teacher and line manager do observations on me every few months. . Colleagues-I can talk to others LSA'S and TA'S about my work to get guidance on things and also observe or shadow them to help me see how some things are done improving my development. . Meetings-we have staff and key stage meetings where progress is discussed and I get to know about any new plans and changes that are going on. . Training-to be able to learn the things that I am struggling with by going on various courses to improve my development. . Mentors-someone who is assigned to me to be able to answer my questions about my job and put me on the right path. . Class teacher- I can go to them with any concerns about my work and progress and they will regularly feedback to me on my progress and development. . Yearly appraisal- this is a meeting to discuss my development progress where I can ask questions and review the things in my job description to make sure I am meeting them.

Outcome5- Be able to use learning opportunities and reflective practice to contribute to personal development.

5.1-Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice. .learning activities are doorways to knowledge. They came in the form of support from adults peers and the environment . Event's that we have attend are relevant to our sector. How they affect practice will depend on the learning activities focus e. g . Working in partnership with parents understanding children's behaviour,providing choices that promote health and well-being,how to network and work with multiple agencies. In practice this means...
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