Topics: Environmentalism, Natural environment, Climate change Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: December 11, 2012
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Country: Norway
Topic: Global Environmental Impact: How Norway affects the world climate.

Environmental issues have made a huge impact on Norway. Acid rain is one of the most serious environmental problems that Norway faces. Acid rain is caused by Sulfur Dioxide emissions. The Sulfur Dioxide emissions have decreased incredibly since the 1970’s, because of the UNECE Sulfur Protocols. But this has not stopped the horrible after-effects that the acid rain had caused. Much of the lands soil and surface water is extremely susceptible to acidification. This created major problems with one of the country’s main exports and food resources: Fish. Because of acidification, many lakes in Norway cannot support the fish that was at one time, a natural resource. Norway's climate change is being threatened, mainly by the fast paced ecological transformation to the delicate Arctic and mountain ecosystems. This can cause extreme agriculture and forestry productivity problems, breaks in the hydrologic systems, and possibly even a high risk of infectious diseases and summer heat wave. Many of these risks are hard to precisely define whether they will be harmful or helpful, or if they will even occur. Some climate changes, if any, could even have a positive impact on the environment. However, the negative risks are clear to the Norwegian territory, and it is their utmost concern to prevent the climate from changing for the worse. There are other concerns, though, that affect Norway indirectly, and whose potential consequences are great enough to cause a major significance. The fragile climate, if changed drastically, can cause many weather-related disasters, which can be extremely disastrous, especially if they occur in under-developed and slow-developing countries. If the global political-economic system is unable to deal with the challenge of climate change and weather-related disasters correctly, there is a possibility that major disruptions in...
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