No Allusions In The Classroom

Topics: Knowledge, Understanding, Allusion Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Article Critique of Viktoriia

No Allusions in the Classroom: Under the Mask of Ignorance
I agree with the author’s mentioned above points because of the following reasons: Firstly, everyone in the contemporary society should understand the importance of common knowledge as “a phenomenon which underwrites much of social life” (Lewis 236). Paraphrasing the famous philosophical works and authors, we can easily come to basic suggestion which states that “to communicate … successfully, individuals typically require mutual or common understandings or background knowledge.” The same model can be used in explaining failure of student-teacher interaction in learning process, the explanation for this is that the parties involved do not have “the common knowledge that would have resulted in success (Lewis 236)”. Secondly, the meaning of understanding and learning the history of your own country or any other essential knowledge can’t be overvalued. The young generation has the unique opportunity to find out from the history about the major events, ideas, and individuals that have shaped the modern world. It is also needed to enable one to make decisions as a member of a democratic society. Diane Ravitch, historian of education, professor at New York University, call this background knowledge “a foundation for democratic participation”. Bob Bain, professor of history education at the University of Michigan, has reasonable supporting idea regarding the necessity for the students to study the history, since “the disciplined study of the past should help students self-consciously sharpen and improve the accounts of the past they accept, and increase their intellectual capacity to "see" more clearly the situation in which one has to act”. Finally, the ability of students to understand the teacher’s allusions will help them not only to avoid communication problems, but also they will benefit in different ways: many emotions or ideas that readers may associate with...
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