Nixon vs Carter

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, Communist state Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 28, 2007
Dana Herrera
Period 1

Essay History Final #2

President Nixon made so many different advances for the United States, creating a good relationship with China and Soviet Union. One of his main goals as president was to have peace amongst the nations, including Vietnam. Carter was a good down to earth president; he was close to the people and was liked by them. Unfortunately he wasn't as admired by congress, or the nations who were once friends to the United States. Realpolitik, was a policy based on power, being able to self strengthen, leaving morals and principles aside. Kissinger was elected by President Nixon to be his special adviser on foreign affairs. He felt that if there was a weak country they should simply be ignored, even if it was a communist country. Carter lead based on principles and compaction, developing Human Rights, leaving the United States with fewer allies. Nixon felt that the tension left from the cold war held the United States back from reaching its full potential, he and his special adviser, Henry Kissinger came up with a policy, Détente, trying to make peace with China. Nixon being the strong anti-communist leader went to visit communist China. He managed to break the ties between China and Soviet Union. Nixon wanted China to support the United States when they negotiated with the Russians. Nixon also managed to settle, and agreed to share cultural and scientific information between the two countries. They decided neither, Chinese or United States would have control of the Pacific and agreed to settle things peacefully. When Carter became president détente slowly fell because of his strong opinions on Human Rights. He eventually broke all ties with the Soviet Union. Later he felt that peace with the Soviet Union was important so he signed the SALT 2 treaty in 1979 (Strategic Arm Limitation), the signatures below the document were Carter and Brezhnev. The treaty was meant to keep control on nuclear missiles that each country was...
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