Nightmare of Global Warming

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Meiyan Ng
Professor Brian Lewis
English 5
April 11, 2011

Nightmare of Global Warming

This paper attempts to make a critical analysis of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. It is a documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim in 2006 regarding the former United States Vice President Al Gore’s campaign to convey the dangerous of climate change as well as the disastrous effects of global warming. Gore employs multimedia presentation in terms of data, charts, pictures, and graphic to illustrate the negative effects of global warming and its possible outcome across the United States and around the world. For such kind of presentation, he has conducted for more than one thousand times. The theme of the film is that global warming is real and caused by human being, and it eventually will become catastrophe. Gore strives to alert all people in the world about the disastrous result of climate change and awaken people and authorities concerned to take prompt action to stop and reverse it. After making research and deliberate consideration, I agree with Gore’s points of view.

The documentary is derived from a public speech Gore has been developing for six years with the employment of a comprehensive slide show. The public image of Gore is a stiff and humorless person. However, his performance starts with a humor greeting to an audience. ``I'm Al Gore," he said. ``I used to be the next president of the United States" -- laughter, applause -- ``I don't find that particularly funny." Gore then starts his speech from here. During the presentation, he tries to utilize few jokes to make the speech more vivid and less boring as well as to draw the attention of audience to focus on his talk. With the aid of computerized charts, photos, archival footage, and even cartoons; he introduces the nightmare of climate change regarding its formation, influence and the ultimate ending. He stands in an insulated auditorium before a small crowd, and pointing at the charts and pictures on the large screen behind him from time to time. Through the visual aids, Gore demonstrates that global warming is not a hypothetical issue. It already exists and evidence is shown everywhere in the floods, droughts, and hurricanes. If no appropriate actions are taken, it will be a calamity. "The world won't 'end' overnight in 10 years," Gore said. "But a point will have been passed, and there will be an irreversible slide into destruction."

The main cause of global warming is due to the burning of fossil fuels by human beings. People consumed energy from gas, oil, and coal. They are discharging it to a great amount rapidly that have been saved over million years. It creates pass-along effect and global warming. It is because the sunlight reflected by glaciers and snow is absorbed by the sea water. In this regard, the melting of ice will lead the sea to store more sun’s energy. Gore guides the audience to tour the mystery of the earth and interprets global warming is equivalent to trees, oceans, weather patterns, and populations to a certain extent. He anticipates that the planet will achieve a climax and commence to slide towards the ruining of our civilization and majority of other species on the planet in around 10 years’ time. Gore stresses that everybody and country should have moral obligation to protect the earth from being attacked by global warming and perform in some ways to eliminate the greenhouse effect. To educate the audience with the greenhouse effect, Gore employs a clip from Futurama episode “Crimes of the Hot”. Really, greenhouse effect plays a critical role of forming global warming that the earth experiences the rise in temperature for certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun. Following the rise of temperature, it will lead to wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, and melting of ice, that elevates sea levels and wipe out coastal areas. Gore points out that Hurricane Katrina is a warming signal that the disaster will...

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