New Perspective - Interview Withmr. Jasmin Samat Simon

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A New Perspective from Mr. Jasmin Samat Simon
To be Success is to be able to Share
Poppy Permata Sari
211010014 - English Department 2010

This paper is intended to describe the actual lesson of life through the interview with Mr Jasmin Samat Simon who is one of successful people in business as well as teaching. He is the man with the world perspective. Sharing is his call and he wants to give himself to others. He has been travelling around the world since he was a child. Being a social worker is all he is about. He is one of the few people who are willing to embrace the value of equality and humanity. His journey to teach and directly help the less fortunate voluntarily is indeed inspiring us to learn from him. As the one that I consider a successful person, I believe he represents the beauty of sharing knowledge as a wonderful thing. “The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.” (Buscaglia: 1924) Key Words:

World Perspective, Sharing

Mr Jasmin Samat Simon is one of the few people whom I consider have different perspective about life. He is a Singaporean who is now working as the manager of Marketing Communication Directorate for Ma Chung University. I met him as he is my trainer for Ma Chung international debate team. He teaches practical thing about this world, life, speak-up, and so which is something I adore. The practical thing I obtain is definitely impressing and unique in his own way. I wonder what makes him become the one with such a brilliant idea and principle. What makes me even more surprise is the fact that he was the one that brought Indonesian Idol here. There are many things I would like to know about him and it is the reason why I am curious about.

Mr Simon is a man with the world perspective. His spent his childhood traveling with his parents as they were diplomats and that have him the chance to meet many people from many different backgrounds. His parents taught him about the world perspective and anything as well as humanity and equality. Those values are what made him today. He mostly travels up until now from one country to another. He was working to Fremantle Media; the worldwide entertainment organization, consulted to UNICEF for a special learning project in Papua, and also was a theatre and television actor with a degree in drama from Trinity College, the University of London. He helped found the home-grown theatre troupe Act 3. Literally, he spends his entire life for social working to implement his value of sharing and serve other people.

In his late 40’s Mr Simon still actively spreads his passion to meet people, to share with them. His principles about life, and also his perspective is one of the few radical people who can truthfully hold that virtue and bring it for everyone, no matter your background is. What we can learn about him is indescribably amazing and it is such a great opportunity to know him personally.

The Value of Humanity – Success and Share with others
In order to know about his ideas of being a successful person, the writer has proposed some questions. His world perspective allows them to embrace the value of humanity and also equality. His commitment to teach and share with others is something worth learning for. 1. Please tell me a bit about yourself, your present job or the previous one. Okay. My name is Jasmin, I am commonly the manager for Marketing Communication in Universitas Ma Chung. That is my prime assignment; I know I also have to teach several subjects based on my experience. I have done teaching in Business Ethics for Ma Chung. Otherwise I am usually consulted on based on either education or youth development. Prior to coming to Malang, I was assigned as consulted to UNICEF for long distance learning project in Papua. Well, because it is a special kind of...

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