Never Too Late to Read

Topics: Lower East Side, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: July 27, 2013
An old adage says, “No one is ever too old to learn something new.” While many people think is implausible, that by a certain age you cannot learn how to read and write. Clyde Haberman shows the opposite by discussing it in his article “Never Too Late to Get Started on Reading”. He gives a powerful example of Smith‘s life that changes radically by reading, writing and even thinking about going to college. The author tries to communicate is that we can learn at whatever age. I firmly agree with Haberman that there is no barrier to learning because it can lead us to be independent, become a productive member of the society, and have a better future. Learning is an essential tool for the preparation, transition to, and success in life, so learning how to read will lift up a burden on us. For instance, we will know how to read a sign, and fill out an application for jobs, for visa, and colleges. Also, it will help them be independent in problem-solving, and decision-making. We have the example of Mr. Drammeh who was unable to read or assist his children with their homework. He realized that he needed help and went for it. It is going to bring plenty of advantage, not only will he have a better on his job, but also he will be able to help his children next time they ask. Learning how to read leads Mr. Drammeh to be independent in his life. Uneducated people whose circumstance didn’t allow them to go to school, and people who want to be a productive member of the society will get the chance to read. With libraries being free, there is a plethora of reading opportunities at everyone’s disposal. We have the fine example of Ms. Smith who was living in a sharecropper family in rural Mississippi and had a disagreeable childhood, didn’t hope that one day she would know how to read and write until she decided to get some help at the Seward Park Library on the Lower East Side. Now that she knows how to read, she even envisions the...
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