Need for Dawn of Communism in India

Topics: Democracy, Communist state, Communism Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: July 7, 2013
which is the country having highest GDP in the world???
It is china@10.4%(Two digits)growth in 2010,and now even in this time of 'Global financial crisis' also it retains   9.2%(latest estimate),,,though it is lowest single digit growth over past 3 decades,china seems to be quite strong of all its contemporaries,,,why???????? And India still want to stabilize its Growth range of 7-8%,,,why?????? Because of bloody Democratic government....

I am not criticizing democracy deliberately,but in fact this Democracy is now testing its fate all over the world,including its guardian and Godfather America also.....

Let us take water diversion project in china,,
          South china is self sufficient in water resources because of "Yangtze" river,now Communist government of china wanted to divert its water to north china(arid zone),but no party create any obstacle to this proposal.... Because there is no second party prevailing in china except Communist party of china....... The result is $80-billion(500 billion Yuan) project is ready for inauguration in 2012 Dec and going to give water to north china from 2013.

If it is the case in India,let us assume amalgamation of [Ganges& Carvery],,,Oh its Far away from our assumption,simply not at all possible. This is due to                             * Collation Governments                                                  * Number of parties without Agendas                                                  * Politicians without Principles Some people think that communism and Despotism are synonyms,but that was wrong. *In fact Communism also has come from people's thought,,,But from Proletariat class but not from the Noblemen leisure thoughts. *Some Diplomats compared Communism with Autocracy,Yes this is people's Autocracy!!!!!!!! But not like Democracy which is full of selfish Aristocracy......

In fact the Ancient Communism was strong supporter of Constitutional monarchy,here Constitution means 'values',,so that was...
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