Narrative Report for Hrm Ojt

Topics: Knowledge, Wine, Time Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: February 27, 2013
 I want to propose a bill related to those youth who buy cigarettes and liquor at a young age. The purpose of this bill is to move the legalization age of those consumers of this product from the age 18 to 21. At present, many teenagers at the age 18 are now expert of having these two vices. Mostly, we see them at the pub, outside the school campus, club house, in the stores and others. Some of them are below 18 and yet they are prone to vices. Everyone knows that vices are addictive and can cause sicknesses. If you are in to it then there’s a possibility that you can catch or can get an illness. Most of the time those prone to sickness are teenagers who are expose to this vices. That’s why many of the parents see to it that their children are not known to those ones. Unfortunately, teenagers nowadays are much expose to vices even though there’s a warning from the government that doing those might kill you slowly. And yes, it is true but teenagers don’t care about it because it can satisfy their needs and mostly the reason is for pleasure. So in order to limit the number of those minors who are consumers of this product, we must have a law regarding this situation. And yes, there was a law but it only evolves from age 17 and below. Looking forward to it, in order to protect this youth we must to amend this law, we must have at least a law that focuses at the age 20 and below and so, having this kind of law can prevent teenagers in using and taking them. PROPOSED BY:

WHEREAS, this law as commonly applied by large tract developers to optimize their profit has a relatively impact with the young at age commonly 18 and below; and,           WHEREAS, the minor age must not known to this vices, we should strictly prohibit those ones to any youth age 20 and below; and,           WHEREAS, these vices is considered as the most common problem in the country that many youth which supported by...
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