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Topics: Experience, Time, Psychology Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Chapter III

Assessment of practicum program

1.What I learned from the experience?

I’ve learned a lot of things in just 400 hrs of on the job training. It was a fun learning experience. I’ve became more knowledgeable when it comes to Summarizing, Journal entry, issuing statement of accounts, stripping, binding and numbering, auditing and many more. I have experienced how to work under pressure. Since Business Office gave me the opportunity to show my talent in doing those things and everyday seems to be full of learning! I was exposed in different business works. It enhances my skills in analyzing and solving problems.

2.My experiences with the people around me.

I’ve noticed that there are still other things that I have to improve one of it is my verbal communication. Though I have this enough confidence yet there are times that I’m having a hard time on expressing myself, my thought with others because I don’t exactly know how am I going to say it in a way that the listener could easily understand it and get my point. I didn’t know how come I was able to adopt the lifestyle in corporate world. People that I worked with are really amazing! They’re so professional. While in the working area I was able to show my respect from high positioned personnel until the lowest one like the working students and utilities .I’m very careful about creating a good impression with others knowing that I’m not just using my name but also the name of my department.

3.The most memorable event during my practicum.

It is when Sir Donato give an assignment to me and I finished it on time and got a compliment from him it is the most memorable. And there is one more that I am really proud of!!! I could say that now I became more punctual. I am no longer having a problem about time management. Now it’s easier for me to determine the task that needs prioritization. If I’m going to look back on what I am before I could say that now I am someone that is more...
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