My World View

Topics: Knowledge, Epistemology, Religion Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Week 1 Assignment
The three components that make up my Worldview are God, Ethics, and Knowledge, because they shaped my thought, experiences, education, and life decisions. My faith in God and the things He has done in my life are what most of my worldviews are based on. I have seen the miracle that God has performed in my He has life, and the strength He has given me. During my life I have been in situations that the only explanation that I got through them is by Gods hand leading the way. With my Christian based education in High school I was exposed to the teachings of the Bible, and learned to walk by faith in God, and His ability to work in my life. The biggest life decision was to turn my life over to God, and his will.

I have a set of ethics that I have grown up with and that I have changed and improved on throughout my adult life. My ethics are my code of conduct, in which I live by, and have raised my daughter by. In my experience I have let care go out the window and thrown my ethics to the wind. I ended up in trouble, and had many people upset with me. : I would have to say that my education on my ethics has come from my family, in which I was taught my core values.

I feel that knowledge is very important to my spiritual and educational growth, and without knowledge I have nothing to base rather my values and beliefs are correct. I have to have knowledge to test rather my belief system stands up to the way I believe God wants me to live. I have seen where I am knowledgeable about the subject I am working with that I am more willing to learn more about it and test the knowledge I already have. : I believe that education is the key to my knowledge, and that without it life is a lot harder, that is why I have chosen to go back to school. I have always placed God at the top of the list. Then I have always held my ethics to a very high standard, which I don’t always meet up to. Then I place a great value on knowledge, because without it...
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