My sisters wedding

Topics: Sun, Climate, English-language films Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: October 30, 2013
My sister is getting married in April of 2014 and she and her fiancé are discussing on either going to the mountains or the beach. Both places offer a variety of fun activities. The beach offers activities that the mountain cannot offer and vice versa. The mountain and the beach are totally different. Here are some out looks of both to see which one she should pick. Main aspect to look at is the climate, by choosing the mountains my sister and her fiancé would be staying in the cold weather, which there are fun activities to do there like skiing and snowboarding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and hiking and more. Also looking at the fact neither of them have ever been to the mountains ever. But they have to decide on if they both like the cold weather enough to stay there the whole week while on their honey moon. The beach is also what we are going to look at and there climate and activities it has to offer for my sister and her fiancé. We all know that the beach is hot and sunny weather and there are walks on the beach, the water, Surfing and maybe stores around the beach Plus more. But the thing they have to look at is do they see the beach enough from going to the beaches around where they live or go to an island beach still for the honey moon. My sister and her fiancé are deciding on which one fits them the most or sticks the most out for what they may decide on doing on their honey moon. I mean them two choices have a huge difference in both of them and they both are amazing places to go to, so hopefully they can choose wisely the best place they would rather got to.
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