My Professional Development Plan

Topics: Knowledge, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 1 (546 words) Published: September 11, 2014
 My Professional Development Plan

I have been teaching preschool for the past 6 years and as each new day passes, I learn something new. I decided last year to enhance my knowledge of Early Childhood Education through a CDA course. The course has opened my eyes to so much more than I was expecting to learn. I learned a lot more about children than I had thought about previously, and I learned a lot more about myself. So, I must say that I am eager to continue learning about Child Growth and Development, Child Observation and Assessment, and also in Learning Experiences and Environments. As the 4yr.old Pre-K teacher, these areas are particularly important to me so that I am knowledgeable and equipped to offer the children in my class a better Early Childhood Education.

Through this course I have come to understand the mental and physical development and milestones for children especially for the age group that I work with. I have gained knowledge about what is considered normal development and also what might need extra screening or guidance and to whom to reference the families to should they need to use this resource. I plan to continue my research in this area by staying involved with teacher organizations such as NAFCC and NAYEC. I will also regularly attend training or workshops that will pertain to my job. I will often seek the input of my colleagues and my Director for strategies to best meet the needs of the children in my care.

Child Observation and Assessment are extremely important in order to be successful. I plan to increase my observation assessments throughout the year. In the past I filled out a form twice a year with little knowledge of how well the child has actually improved in their development. Through this course, I am much more aware of what is happening in the classroom from day to day. I plan to keep more documented information throughout the year so that when the parents and I have a parent/teacher conference, I will...
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