My Motivation Letter to a College

Topics: Knowledge, High school, Epistemology Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Multimedia Design and Communication Degree programme in [UName]. I am currently studying at [High School Name], and I am specialising in mathematics and computer studies.

My aim is to be a web designer, therefore I would like to gain deeper theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of multimedia design. What particularly appeals to me in this course is the opportunity it will give me to fully understand the steps through which a project is finalized and made into a useful, representative and ingenious image of a company. I believe strongly that the visual part of marketing plays an essentialrole in defining the image the company portrays to the consumer.

The main reason I enjoy design is that I possess skills in recognizing visual patterns and I believe that I have a natural talent for conceiving useful and pleasant interfaces and/or adjusting an existing project to meet required needs and standards. I am confident that, having my heart set on following this program, I will be able to assimilate every new concept that is presented to me and also quickly adapt to the educational system of your country. Moreover, I believethat the experience of studying and possibly working abroad would help me to further develop myself, as well as allow me to gain valuable cultural and social knowledge.

I am a sociable person, I enjoy working in teams and I believe that my abilities are best put into use within a team. My teamwork experience includes many curricular and extracurricular activities which I attended or volunteered for, including sports events, school festivals, theoretical and art competitions. Working in teams has made me a flexible person, who knows how to listen to the opinions of others and how to express myself. As a result, others are able to better understand my intentions and ideas.

Therefore, my goal is to develop my aptitudes and improve on them to a degree that would allow me to...
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