My Interest in Anesthesiology

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I have recently become interested in the medical field, but I always wondered what it takes to become successful in the field. I’ve been told that only a person who has gotten straight A’s in school throughout their entire life would be the only people who could actually make it in this field. I’ve also been told that only people who take their work extremely seriously and only hang out with people with the same academic goals can make in this field also. I would like to find out why people think this is true and what it really takes to become successful in this field. I’ll start by talking to professors and students in the medical field to get their perspectives and try to get as much information as I possibly can from them. I can also do a phone interview with my cousin who is also in this field. I will then start doing some online research to see what I can find on the web. Finally, I will go into the library and get help with finding books and articles that talk about the medical field. Last year is when I became interested in anesthesiology. I knew that it would be a difficult major and that it would more than likely challenge me. I never really thought about how important the job is and how they have just as much impact on someone’s life just as much as the doctor. I always thought of anesthesiologist just as the person who easily puts someone to sleep before they went in surgery. I don’t really know what caught my attention about this career but over time I have gotten more and more interested in it and now I want to know everything there is to know about it. An anesthesiologist is a physician specializing in perioperative care, development of an anesthetic plan, and the administration of anesthetics. They provide care for patients undergoing surgery to prevent pain and distress they would experience. There are three different ways an anesthesiologist can go about this and that is general anesthesia,...

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