My Experience About Learning English

Topics: Knowledge, Translation, English language Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: June 9, 2013
My experience about learning English
I bought a book on interpretation last weekend,was written by 林超伦who is a chief interpreter work for the Ministry of British Foreign Affairs .the book says how to deal with field interpreting. interpreter:One who translates orally from one language into another.I'm going to be a excellent interpreter.Being a communication emissary to make people more amicable.which simplify the complicated promblems.consequently,To achieve the purpose of cooperation and shared interests. Hello! Everyone

I’d like to share my experience about learning English with u, and I consider it worthwhile trying to summarize our experience in learning English. As matter of fact, speaking English is very easy, even chaild can do it ! first of all,u have to know why we should study English.Maybe most people think its unnecessary for them to speak English,now let me enumerate my reasons one by one in the following; In the first place,u know that china has successful enter the WTO is a great event for Chinese people,especially for our young generation. there is no doubt that it is good for our future to speak English. U can make a trip around the world without being understood. In the second place, u know, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. The channel of we getting information is limited, so if u wish to get more knowledge, you must learn English. All above, master a language will bring u unexpected achievement. Second, what is english for?

Some people seem to think it’s for practing grammar rules and learning lists of words-----the longer the words the better.thats wrong,language is for the exchange of ideas, for communation. it’s an essential tool and a very important weapon in our daily life. The way to learn a language is to practise spaeaking it as often as possible. A great man once said it is necessary to drill as much as possible,and the more u apply it in real situations,the more...
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