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Topics: Knowledge, Philosophy of science, Experience Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: August 15, 2013
People are learning and developing throughout their whole lives, they have gained knowledge not only from books but also from practice and experience. In my opinion, both basic knowledge from books and new discovery from experience are important.

Reading books form a wide range of our knowledge. We can acquire a lot of information about almost every subject. Books contain knowledge, which is arranged and selected carefully from what authors think about real life, so they are easy to follow and understood. We could use other people’s information and experience that it is very difficult or impossible to do by ourselves such as journeys into space. In addition, while reading great stories of real people’s lives, we can get many experiences about how they solve their daily life problems, and how they use failure to achieve success in the future. These are valuable lessons we need to learn in our lives.

Nevertheless, as the old proverb says, “experience is the best teacher”. There are many things books cannot teach us. Books cannot deal with love, feelings, and tastes of food or music tones. Moreover, I think that “the truth comes from practice and experience”. The knowledge from experience helps us as much as those from books. For instance, at old times people thought that Earth was flat, but it was concluded from observations and measurement that we are living on a global planet. People used to believe that God created human, but Darwin proved in wrong through his research. Also, when reading books, readers only need to understand what is written on papers. In contrast, when you practice doing something in real life, you need to concentrate, observe and think much to achieve the desired goal. Furthermore, you may draw a wrong conclusion, and no one can tell you about that, all you can do is compare your result with the real life so that you can realize the mistake. The risk of getting wrong conception is apparent, which makes practicing for experiences the...
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