My English Learning Goal

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Reason Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: April 17, 2012
In this era of globalization, it is inevitable for every country to do a lot of trade with each other. Taiwan is no exception. Taiwan is particularly a small island which is surrounded by the ocean. Besides, there are little sources of energy and minerals in this small island. Consequently, we need to use plenty of methods to get opportunities to trade with other countries. Taiwan is also a nation which is not admitted by UN so we are the minority in this world. We have to rely on the countries which have the diplomatic relation with us to provide some diplomatic protection. However, if we want to trade and find a national friend, we have to communicate with foreigners. Then, we need to speak in English, the language that can be understood in many places. To change another words, learning English is indispensable for the people in Taiwan. No doubt, I am included. Even though the reasons I mentioned above are the motivations which encourage people to learn the language differing from their mother tongue, they are simply two of the causes. Every individual has their own reasons to learn English. Some want to show off their skills of speaking another language; others feel like finding better jobs in the future. As for me, I am of the opinion that I have a different idea and target of learning English. To tell the truth, I didn’t have any ideas about learning English at the beginning. I learned the language just because my father thought it is significant. Nevertheless, I have changed my opinion of learning English as I have learned it for many years. I find English has a fascination for me since I love the way that foreigners use their words. Though I am the native Chinese speaker, I extremely hate to write the Chinese composition. I always can hardly write the beautiful and proper sentences; accordingly, I didn’t get good grades on my Chinese composition all the time. English is different. It can be used by some brief words to express the whole sentences which...
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