Mtx110 an Inconvenient Truth

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: June 24, 2011
MTX110 An inconvenient truth
An Inconvenient Truth

1. What evidence does Al Gore present in the film to support each explanation of global climate change?

Evidence for warming of the climate system includes observed increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level. The most common measure of global warming is the trend in globally averaged temperature near the Earth's surface

2. What does Al Gore present as the three reasons we haven’t addressed our influence on global climate?

"Population", "technology", and "awareness".

3. What are the three causes of misconceptions that affect awareness?

"Disagreement among scientists", "Choice between economy and environment", "Too late, cannot be solved".

4. Were there concepts that you didn’t understand or that Mr. Gore explained too quickly? If so, which ones?

5. What are a few reasons that Earth’s climate naturally changes?

Variations in the Earth's orbital characteristics, atmospheric carbon dioxide variations, volcanic eruptions, variations in solar output.

6. Why does Earth’s carbon dioxide level vary throughout the year?

Based on scientists, there is an annual fluctuation of about 3–9 ppmv which roughly follows the Northern Hemisphere's growing season. The Northern Hemisphere dominates the annual cycle of CO2 concentration because it has much greater land area and plant biomass than the Southern Hemisphere. Concentrations peak in May as the Northern Hemisphere spring green up begins and reach a minimum in October when the quantity of biomass undergoing photosynthesis is greatest. So basically, more CO2 is created when the sun is directly giving light to the vegetation. Half of the year the sun is more directly over the northern hemisphere, therefore making the larger amount of vegetation give off more CO2. When the other half of the year rolls around the sun concentrates on the lower half of the...
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