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Topics: Law, Democracy, Communism Pages: 4 (460 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Chapter 3

Politics, Law, and Business Ethics

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• Describe the three types of political systems

• Discuss each cause of political risk and how firms can manage them • Identify how the three legal systems are unique • Identify global legal issues facing companies • Discuss the roles of ethical behavior and social responsibility in international business

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International Business 4e

Chapter 3 - 2

Page 86


Team 1

1. What is Define a Political System? Explain the relation between political system and culture. 2. What is Democracy ? Explain the difference between pure and representative democracy. 3. Identify several main freedoms a representative democracy strive to provide its people.

4. How might the democratic government affect business activities in a nation? © Prentice Hall, 2008 International Business 4e Chapter 3 - 3

Page 89


Team 3

1. How does totalitarianism differ from democracy? Identify its three main features. 2. Explain each of the different forms of totalitarianism. 3. Identify economic and social costs of civil war, and potential solution of such conflicts. 4. How might a totalitarian government affect business activities?

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International Business 4e

Chapter 3 - 4

Page 97


Team 4

1. What are the five main types of political risk? How might each affect international business activities? 2. Identify several steps managers can take to stay safe while on an international assignment. 3. Distinguish between confiscation, expropriation, and nationalization. 4. What three methods can businesses use to manage political risk? © Prentice Hall, 2008 International Business 4e Chapter 3 - 5

Page 100


Team 2

1. What is meant by the term legal system? Explain the role of nationalism in politics. 2. What are the main features of each type of legal system (common,...
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