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Topics: Knowledge, Observation, Scientific method Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: September 23, 2013

I was born to a lower-middle-class family on the 1st January of 1988; my parents have ever been very particular about observing my birthdays over years very meticulously. Since my birth, they have been regularly doing so every year. But I am unable to recollect the events of my infancy and early childhood. But in the state of my later childhood I could know that my parents had been observing my birthdays ever since. Now I have reached my girlhood, and every year, I am observing my birthday in which my parents are playing a very big role. My feelings on my birth-day:

On my thirteenth birthday, my joy knows no bounds. Because I know that it is a celebration in which I am the central figure and all eyes are set on me, and that I am the queen of the occasion. How it is observed:

Quite early in the morning of my birthday; I finish up all my morning-ablutions including my holy bath. I put on a set of new attire purchased for me in occasion of my birthday observance. Then I went to the temple to say my special prayer with my God to appreciate him for given me the opportunity to have witness my birthday. After praying I went back home. When I got home the priest came to my home to pray for me and my family. The priest chants some sacraments and confers his blessings on my head. Thereafter the birthday celebration begging and the fortune-teller known as Nahaka came to my house. He sits and studies my horoscope. He announces my age and many good things that he finds in it. Then I went to the kitchen and sit on a wooden seat to eat. I ate different kinds of cake, chocolates and fried chickens with great satisfaction. These items are specially made for me on my birthday celebration by my parents. My parents and other elders in my family and other elders in the neighborhood sit for the feast, eat sumptuously and talk among themselves about me and my future. They seem quite happy and joyous over my...
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