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Topics: Environment, Geologic time scale, Final examination Pages: 5 (1027 words) Published: January 15, 2013
AP Environmental Science



This course is designed to be the equivalent of a one-semester, introductory college course in environmental science. Its goal is to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world, to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human made, to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving and/or preventing them. As this is the equivalent of a college class, a certain amount of outside time dedicated to learning and reviewing this material is expected outside of class time.

* Textbook, Living in the Environment, 14th Edition by G. Tyler Miller. * Taking Sides, 13th Edition by Thomas A. Easton
* Nylon book cover
* Pencil
* Pen (blue or black)
* Outside clothing (things that you do not mind getting wet/dirty/muddy) including shoes * Lab notebook (composition bound or purchased from AOS)

All Loudoun County Public Schools rules are applicable in my classroom. As well, I would like to highlight the following policies. * Safety guidelines are to be followed. There will be no tolerance for breach of safety issues. Refer to your safety contract for more information. * Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class the day it is due. If for some reason you are having difficulty completing an assignment, please email me ( to determine if an alternate assignment or extension can be arranged. * Under no circumstances should food or drink be consumed in the lab area. You may drink in the classroom, but drinks are not to leave the desk section of the class. * You are expected to abide by the AOS Honor code. Collaboration is expected and encouraged, but copying assignments will result in receiving a zero for that assignment, and a referral to the academy administration. * Tests and most quizzes will be announced, however, I do give unannounced graded short quizzes for comprehension of homework activity. * It is your responsibility to contact classmates or me to find out what you have missed when absent and to plan for any make-us necessary. Make sure you have a classmates phone number in case you are unable to attend class. You are to bring all work due while you were absent to be check on the day you return to school. Make-up quizzes and tests must be scheduled then as well.

Grading: Grades for this class will be weighted according to the following scale: Tests and Quizzes (50%), Laboratory and field work (35%), Homework (10%), Current Event Journal (5%). Midterm and final exams will account for 10% of your final grade. Students can gain final exam exemption by meeting the requirements stated in the Loudoun County Exam Exemption Policy.

Field Studies: We will have the opportunity to participate in field studies this year, including an overnight trip to the Karen Noonan Study Center, operated by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation from April 28th – 30th. Barring snow days, we will always go on A days, but you are responsible for any work you may miss in your research class while we are gone.

Topic Outline:
The following topics will be covered throughout this year. A detailed syllabus will be provided at the beginning of each unit.

I. Interdependence of Earth’s Systems: Fundamental Principles and Concepts (25%) a. The Flow of Energy
i. forms and quality of energy
ii. energy units and measurements
iii. sources and sinks, conversions
b. The Cycling of Matter
iv. water
v. carbon
vi. major nutrients
1. nitrogen
2. phosphorus
vii. differences between cycling of major and trace elements c. The Solid Earth
viii. Earth history and...
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