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Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: December 13, 2013
How to Evaluate Problem Solving in a Business
by Billie Nordmeyer, Demand Media
Each business day brings new challenges. A primary difference between a top-performing company and an average-performing company is the manner in which the organization addresses such challenges. In order to ensure a company's problem-solving strategy is a strength rather a weakness, the company must not only determine if it was successful in converting a challenge to an opportunity, but also evaluate the manner in which it solved the problem. Evaluating a business' problem solving capability requires consideration of several factors. Ads by Google

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Step 1
Determine the degree to which the problem was correctly identified and defined. Consider if the problem was conceptualized in a way that supported the identification of a number of different possible root causes. For example, the problem definition "a decrease in sales" supports the identification of a number of root causes including an increase in the number of competitors, a need to ramp-up advertising, and a lack of appropriate training for the sales staff. Step 2

Determine if the root problem was correctly identified. Consider if a root problem, rather than a symptom of the root problem, was addressed by the solution. For example, if the root problem is product quality and the symptom is a decrease in sales, a solution of additional sales tools will be ineffective in addressing the root problem. Step 3

Review project data to determine if pertinent facts were considered in the decision process. Consider the reliability of the data sources and the completeness of the data gathered. Step 4
Evaluate the resources employed to identify the appropriate solution. Find out if key personnel were selected on the basis of expertise rather than staff position. Determine if an appropriate project sponsor was identified, if...
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