Topics: Morality, Ethics, Corporation Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: August 7, 2015
?Alejandra M Rodas
Professor Marina Collado
Global Issues
How Global Economics Influences Moral Decision Making
In the last decades organizations have provoked furious debates about their amoral behavior in business. Some support that the “end justify the means.” Meaning that moral does not matters, if a company is creating wealth. Although others state that immoral behavior in business is the result of the global economy because thanks to it, some organizations have become worldwide, there are no regulations and people care only for the profit result. Before the boom of global economics, it was easier for managers to make moral decisions because most of the organizations were relative small. Managers would think twice before doing something wrong because the reputation of the company was more important. Also there was not much competition and the ethical standards were almost the same, but global economy changed everything. Now most of the organization spread throughout the world. They have to integrate with other companies that have different ethical standards or social laws that are clear violated; managers have to face the dilemma of follow their moral code or comply with the ethics of the countries where it does business in order to be successful. In the global economy multinational organizations enjoy an excessive freedom. There are not enough regulation on prices and interest rate. Companies have the dilemma between competitiveness and profitability. In this situation managers have to put their personal morals aside and look forward for the best benefits for the company. For example, a company needs raw materials to produce its products, and the company supplier uses child labor. The manger knows that it is wrong and it violets his ethical code, but he has to buy the product because they are inexpensive for the company. It means that the company can be competitive at low cost and earn profit at the same time. Global economy also...
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