Morality- Unit Plan

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Reading Pages: 126 (40531 words) Published: January 3, 2014

Unit Plan: Morality

by Sarah Vecera
Sarah Vecera
ENG 400- Hansen
Syllabus and Calendar
Unit Topic: Morality
Major Texts:
-Literature Circle Texts (TBA)
-To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
Materials Needed:
-Reading log journal
-Jumpstart Writing Journal
Overall Goals/Objectives:
This unit will help students to understand the complexities behind the human conscience and what drives us to behave the way we do. We will be examining the ideas behind morality, including the difference between right and wrong in a variety of contexts. Discussion about how we understand our own morality and how we choose to express it will help students critically look at their own behavior and the behavior of others. We will also be looking at the morality of society, and what we are willing to sacrifice morally to have an easier life, and what it will take to make a positive change in our world. Overview of Instructional Strategies:

Much of this class will rely on student participation during in-class discussions. We will be using a variety of discussion strategies to help students feel open about expressing themselves and supporting their ideas. In-class writing assignments will also play a large role in this unit as students are forced to reflect on their lives and experiences that have helped shape their moral compass. The reading assignments will require reading logs that include summaries and responses to both books that will be read. Both books will be read in class, as well as having some assigned reading for homework. Policies:

-Attendance: Attendance is required for this class, as each day will provide valuable information and ideas that support student learning day by day. Each lesson will build from the day before. For this reason, students should not miss class except in the case of sickness and emergencies. Homework and class-work may be made up only for excused absences. Students are responsible for contacting me regarding missed work. Unexcused absences will result in loss of points for the day as well as a loss of points for any homework missed. Large papers and projects are DUE on the DUE DATE. If you will be unable to make it to class, you are responsible for getting me your work on the DUE DATE whether that is a hard copy or an email attachment. Late Work:

All work should be turned in on the due date unless you have an excused absence. However, as stated before, papers and projects must be turned in on the due date. Assignments may be turned in late, but for each day, 5% of your grade on the assignment will be lost. It is also important that drafts of papers are turned in on time to encourage good peer-review. Classroom:

My classroom relies heavily on open discussion. For this reason, any disrespect towards others will not be tolerated. Each student is required to be respectful to others and open to hearing a diverse amount of views on many different subjects. We will be creating a “Rules of Conduct” for our class at the beginning of the year to help keep the classroom a safe place for expression of self. Plagiarism:

Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class. Students are required to give their own feedback and ideas in each of their assignments. We will cover the rules of citation to ensure each student has a clear understanding of how to use sources in their work without plagiarism. GRADES AND ASSIGNMENTS:

Below is a summary of the major assignments for this Unit.
Point Value
Due Date
Reading Logs
20pts/week (80 pts total)

Jumpstart Writing Journal
20pts/week (80 pts total)

20pts/week (80 pts total)

Personal Narrative

Research Paper

Literature Circles
50 pts

TKM Test 1
25pts each

Lit. Circle Presentation
15 pts

TKM Test 2
65 pts


The grade break down will be based on points:
89.5-100% =A
79.5-89.4% = B
69.5-79.5% = C
60-69.4% =D
5 minutes
Ask students to take...
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