Morality Lost and Moral Education

Topics: Morality, Education, Value Pages: 5 (1768 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Morality Lost and Moral Education
Xiangwen Liao (Allen)
University of La Verne - ELS

Morality is the part of positive moral values that are the necessary for human’s social activities and daily life. It’s one of the special and unique elements that make human different from animals. However, in the age of modernization, we are facing problems of morality lost in many areas in our life when we are chasing the material goals. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the current moral problems we have in society from some aspects such as business area, public value and education system. The causes to these problems, and the probable methods to solve them. In addition, moral education is the one method this paper will emphasize on. Keywords: morality lost, moral education, public value, society

Morality lost and moral education
In the age of internationalization and globalization, there are more and more new attractions that are catching our eyes and changing our view on values bit by bit. Compared with years ago, we are higher developed in technology but having less contacts with people, we are more effective in our work but time seems never enough for us, and we care more about the results but less mind the ways how we get them. In the modernization life, we give fewer considerations to the moral or just pretend to ignore it if the issue is connected with benefits or material gains. In other words, we are losing moralities when we are chasing the material goals and throwing ourselves into the whirlpools of benefits. The morality lost takes place in many areas such as business field, social life, education system and so on. As the society is consisted of individuals, logically, the social morality lost can be considered as a consequence of the individual’s value changes. Everyone’s value changes a little bit will make a big difference in social moral. And people’s moral value is formed and created mainly in our childhood when we need to be taught and educated about everything. Like a white paper can be painted in any color. In the education system nowadays, we put learning academic knowledge as the primary purpose and at the meantime, sometimes are taught what is good and what is bad or what we should do and shouldn’t do in life. In this unconscious way, our social values are taken shape. So it’s easily to get the point that education makes a great contribution in building the rudiment of social values in people’s life. Therefore, moral education should be taken into consideration as a rational and appropriate way to deal with the issue about morality lost. Current Situations of Morality Lost

In business area, the public value is easily considered as less important than the benefits. What’s more, even if we want to take moral value into consideration in business activities, it’s hard to put these two things together because they have different innate character. According to Jørgensen and Barry, we should admit that the standard of classifying public value is different for everyone. It is easy for people to measure and judge the value of an issue if it is just connected with price and efficiency that can be measured in scale (Jørgensen & Barry, 2002). For example, you go to buy something, there will be a specific price that shows the value of the goods you want to buy, but never can you give a price to moral values. So it is hard to measure the public value if we have to face the problem (Jørgensen & Barry, 2002). Because of characteristic of invaluable, the issues about public values have always been ignored and dodged when compared with issues connected with money or efficiency that are steadier (Jørgensen & Barry, 2002). Therefore, in business activities, benefits always are the primary purpose and moral values always are ignored. Moreover, efficiency is a important factor that relate to business, but taking moral value into account will lower the efficiency...
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