Morality Depends on Only Personal Choice and Self-Preference

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Human Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: July 27, 2013
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Topic: Morality depends on only personal choice and self-preference. Submitted to
Arifa Rahman

Submitted to
Arifa Rahman

Submitted-by Name: Banojir Rahman Sec: 09

Submitted-by Name: Banojir Rahman Sec: 09

Morality is the greatest gift of human beings life. Every human has a basic need to lead a life free of physical and mental suffering. Before relating Morality with personal choice and self-preference, at first we need to know what is defined by morality. Different person has different point of view. Our life is becoming change day by day but the importance of the morality is still same in our lives. As the force on the religion believes has been humiliating day by day the moral behavior of mankind also disappearing from the society. There is an example to explain it. The Police of our country usually take bribes. It is morally wrong but their aim is to gain the happiness. They are neglected in every sphere of their life. They are doing this for the betterment of their family but their family also dislike about their taking bribe. For this reason they are losing respect from their children, parents and even to their wife. Though their intention is to offer their children a better education and to make a proud citizen of the country, ultimately whenever they see it they become...
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