Morality and Stakeholder Impact Analysis

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Stakeholder Impact Analysis

To conduct a stakeholder impact analysis, one can begin by using the 5-question approach, the moral standard approach or Pastin’s approach. All three of these approaches have similar yet different stakeholder’s interests to examine. Under the first scenario, the mayor has a difficult decision to make. Should the mayor allow development of a large mall and resort that will displace 100 seniors?

Under the 5-question approach, the mayor should ask whether the development is profitable, legal, fair, right for all, and will the development further more development. There is no doubt the decision to all the development is profitable and legal. Whether or not it is fair and right for all is debatable. Under this situation, one would have to ask the fifth question to come to the correct conclusion.

Under the moral standard, does the development maximize the net benefit to society? Is the action consistent with everyone’s rights? Finally, will the action lead to a just distribution of benefits? All three of these questions must be asked and applied in order for the decision to be ethical.

The Pastin’s approach is slightly different than the other two approaches. The four key aspects are ground rule ethics, end-point ethics, rule ethics and social contract ethics. Ground rule ethics would show the mayor’s organization values. End-point ethics would decide whether or not the development is good for all. Rule ethics gives the mayor boundaries with making a decision. Social contract ethics helps determine how to avoid the conflicts with shutting down the nursing home.

Under all three of the approaches, the mayor should decide to let the development happen because the good will outweigh the bad. There will always be people affected by change and in this situation; the majority helped is greater than those that will be negatively affected. There are only 130 people affected but the potential for growth is much greater....
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