morality and how it relates to being a student

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Frontal lobe Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: October 13, 2013

A Moral Dilemma
Eric Wiggins
Gen 200
Marc Thompson
University of Phoenix
September 29, 2013

A Moral Dilemma

Even though personal responsibility could in the way of having fun all the time, being responsible for yourself makes you an honest and successful person because it helps achieve personal goals and moving forward in your career with dignity. You may ask why I would want to be responsible when I can just skate my way through life. The ethical question why would you want to skate through life? It is time to start being accountable for your actions time to stop wasting away on the easy road through life. A way a student in college can do this is by reminding one’s self that making good choices lead to a fulfilling college experience and teach the difference of right and wrong and help guide future decision making. An essay that I found in the art of man states “moral reminders are checkpoint that you can use to remind yourself the outcomes of the good choices.” (Brett, 2013). Moral reminders are everywhere from reading class policies to signing the plagiarism agreement at school even the word school is a moral reminder that there are laws and principles guiding how your school is set up the and the laws and principles that govern you in the school. Using moral reminders helps us stay on track to leading a successful, moral and ethically right life

Being responsible and owning up to our past mistakes helps us lead an honest life. In the European journal of neuroscience states “In probability conditions in the present study, however, many more cells throughout the frontal lobe responded to the presence or Absence of reward than to violations of expectancy, or to probability or uncertainty. Given the static nature of the current task, where outcomes should not be required to guide subsequent choices, one interesting possibility is that this relates to a role for the frontal lobe in evaluating the usefulness...

Bibliography: Brett and Kate, M. ((2013, August 19 19)2013, August 19 19). What strengthens and weakens our integrity – part IV: The power of moral reminders. Retrieved from
This article points out the value of reminding one’s self to do the right thing at all times and how the power of those decisions affects our lives.
Walton, M. E. (2009). Evaluating and revaluing outcomes in the frontal lobe (commentary on kennerley and Wallis). European Journal of Neuroscience, 29(10), 2060. doi:10.1111/j.1460-9568.2009.06745.x
This article explains how the brain functions during decision making and how our mind becomes attracted to high risk high reward behaviors and how making those decisions relates to future decision making.
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