Moral Dilemmas

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Marriage Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Moral Dilemma

As children we grow up learning the difference between right and wrong from our parents. Later the as we grow older schools and other institutions such as churches instill in is other moral values and ethics. Life often bombards us with many difficult situations and sometimes it is difficult to follow your own personal moral compass. It is particularly difficult when dealing with moral dilemmas. A moral dilemma forces a person to choose between two equally unpleasant things and breaches moral principles. Whichever action the person undertakes they have done something wrong or something they ought not do, and consequently leaves the person with feelings of guilt and remorse. Such was the case when I was personally faced with a moral dilemma when having to choose on whether or not to tell my friend that his wife was dating my new friend from school. I did what was morally right and I decided to speak the truth although it ultimately ended up breaking a marriage and a home. I had been friends with Michael for many years. Ever since we started to play soccer after school together we hit it off. We had a very competitive friendship but at the end of the day I knew I could always count him to be there for me as a friend. I was ecstatic when I discovered Michael had found his soul mate and had asked her for her hand in marriage. I attended the wedding and I must admit although the idea of marriage scared me at the time it was a very beautiful ceremony. I looked at Michael and Lisa and I was convinced that they had the perfect love. Soon after I got the announcement that Lisa was pregnant via email and I felt as though nothing could go wrong for them, for now they had even consummated there love with a child. Due to my work schedule and school schedule I lost touch with Michael. However, I felt if anything important was to happen he would give me a call or drop me an email. I began attending college and I learned quickly that I needed...
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