Montessori-Three Period lesson

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Three Period lesson
Three period lesson in Montessori teaching methodology is a system developed by the pioneering French Doctor E. Seguin and it is the basic method for teaching vocabulary. These lessons are used throughout the Montessori environment to help introduce a new lesson/concept and lead the children along a path to understanding and mastery. Sand paper numbers, sand paper letters, small objects, and cards are often taught using a 3 period lesson. When the teacher gives a 3 period lesson, she is concise in her words, clear in her articulation, and slow in her movements. The Three Period Lesson is divided into three steps, so the language will be more easily absorbed. Period 1: Naming (This is _______)

The directress presents the child with three objects of contrast to avoid confusion in child while learning. •Point to the first color (red) and say "red"
Repeat the name several times, clearly and slowly.
Continue with other 2 objects ( blue and green)
Once all three objects have been named, review them one last time by pointing to each one and saying the name clearly and slowly. Period 2: Recognition and Association (Show me ______)
The longest and most important step is the second part of the lesson. This is where the most of the learning takes place. •Rearrange all and ask the child to recognize
"Can you show me which Red is?"
"Keep blue on the table"
ask the child to close their eyes while you move the objects around, then continue This period is much longer than the first to extend the handling and movement of the objects. This handling and movement increases the kinesthetic memory and will solidify a child's recognition of the object's name. There are many variations to the Second Period that can be used to hold a child's interest. The movement will make the lesson more attractive and help the child is successful. Period 3: Recall (What is this?)

The child is asked to name the object.
"What is this?" "Red."
This is the...
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