Modest Proposal (Funny)

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Water Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Modest Proposal

Through the research I’ve done on global warming it appears to me that there is no problem with it at all, and that there is nothing to worry about. We need to accept that fact that global warming is actually helping the human race in many different ways. For examples the environment is warming up, the ocean levels are rising, and the increase of carbon dioxide are all benefits to the environment and economy. It’s almost as if global warming is turning the earth into a tropical paradise.

When the climate begins to warm up people will no longer have to try and heat their houses saving homeowners and businesses and by the usage of natural gases’, which could be saved for many other things. Breeding grounds for insects such as mosquitoes can easily carry malaria wherever it’s needed in the world. People who haven’t witnesses many series storms will be able to frequently experience because they will constantly effecting the population. Just think you will no longer have to be wasting water on showering when you can now shower in the midst of a tornado or thunderstorm to get nice and clean As water levels rise from the polar ice caps melting it will allow the coastlines of many areas to move inward a fair ways. Therefore increasing the size of all beaches and allowing higher property value for local homeowners. Since sea levels are rising and the ice caps have melted transportation for trade vessels, expeditions or war vesicles will but much easier allowing a shorter time on the sea since the crewmen will no longer having to watching for icebergs to crash into. As the carbon dioxide increases in the air, plant growth will begin to show an increase. Hunger issues will be able to be solved and farmer’s jobs will be able to lower prices on crops because of the quantity. Companies can start to produce different types of gas mask will start to flourish and increase the economy. Cars will then be able to consume the carbon dioxide and use it as a...
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