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identify the principles and values that underpin work in health and social care The values and principles of good practice in health and social care settings are very important to the delivery of high quality support to vulnerable adults. Understanding the principles that underpin practice will influence the type of treatment you provide to your clients.

Client centred approach: The needs and preferences of each person is at the centre of the care being provided. The person’s views and opinions should be taken in to consideration. The client needs to be involved in the decision making process and they need to be informed about their choices.

Holistic care: All professionals need to consider the individual as a whole and care for them physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Although as a career your involvement with this patient might be short term it’s important to make sure you are meeting all their needs and providing the best care possible.

Confidentially and information sharing: All individuals have the right to have their personal information protected. As a professional you need to make sure peoples information cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.

Safety: Each client has the right to be safe. Being safe and feeling safe are fundamental aspects of well-being. As a professional if concerned about a client’s safety or you think they are at risk of abuse you need to alert others.

Promoting opportunities and valuing diversity: It is important to actively promote opportunities for children and adults who face discrimination and barriers. As a professional it is important to promote diversity.

1:2 identify guidance and standards that underpin the principles and values:
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