Mis in Cambodia

Topics: Decision theory, Business, Decision making Pages: 39 (12755 words) Published: May 27, 2013
FY 2013
Management Information System (MIS) makes the management-world become easily controllable and leads a person to be a successful manager.

SETEC University
(Research Paper)
Group Members
Chan Yungthai Eab Kimhak Phoc Chormreun Toy Rathana

Date of Submission: Friday 10th May, 2013

ABSTRACT ______________________________________________ i Acknowledgement ________________________________________ ii

1. Introduction _________________________________________ 1 2. Historical Context of MIS ______________________________ 2 3. Type of MIS and Private Sector _________________________ 6 3.1. Type of Management Information System _____________________ 7 3.2. Type of Private Sector ____________________________________ 12

4. The Use of MIS in Private Sector _______________________ 16 5. Benefit and Impact of Using MIS in Private Sector ________ 22 5.1. Benefits of Using MIS in Private Sector ______________________ 22 5.2. Impact Of Using MIS in Private Sector ______________________ 25

6. Comparative Area of MIS and Non-MIS in Private Sector __ 26 7. MIS Busniess Outlook in Private Sector _________________ 30 8. Conclusion __________________________________________ 37 9. Bibliography ________________________________________ 38

There is a noticeable spread of using management information system in private sectors in Cambodia nowadays. Because of this recognized expansion, our group has decided to make a descriptive research on this particular issue of using MSI in private sectors in Cambodia. In order to compose this work, we based on both primary and secondary sources, just to find and simplify all the appropriate data. In this research, you will understand deeply about the types of MIS which are created to make easier management. Another thing, you will also identify the use of MIS in private sector in Cambodia that is necessary and important for a manager to reach an effective and efficient management. Especially, you will see our prediction on the future of MIS in Cambodia that it will be fully a hundred percent use in every private sector in the next five to ten years after now. Additionally, you will also learn about the advantages of using MIS such as ordered data keeping, right decision making, clear inventory recoding, and many more; and also about the disadvantages like documentation problem which attacks by viruses and errors. Also, you will find out when a private sector is running without a management information system, it will difficultly face many obstacle; especially, the unstable management which lead to a business failure. Finally, however, what we really want you to recognize are about the growth of using MIS in private sector in Cambodia and its advantages.


We are here to acknowledge to our SETEC University who always provides us with good educational background concerning with technology; in specific, management information system. Moreover, we love to show our respectful to all professors, and especially to the director of SETEC University that give us a chance in writing this research paper. Respectfully, we also acknowledge to many founders of websites which we could use in assisting and writing our research properly such as: the founders of Freedictionary.com, Wikipedia.org, ehow.com, thesaurus.com, bisom.uncc.edu, and many others related research documents.


SETEC University, Research Paper


Many people in Cambodia don’t even realize what a MIS is when someone or somebody asks them, but it is funny that they are using it already for their business management everyday. As Cambodia is one of those developing countries around the world, there are many fields that are under the process of developing; for example, politic, economy, education, technology, etc. Within all the fields, economy is the most important one...

Bibliography:  Ajayi, I. A. and Omirin, Fadekemi F. (2007). The Use of Management Information Systems
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         
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