Mis Grameenphone

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Mis in Grameen Phone
chapter 01
Management and organizations facing constantly changing problems, diverse managerial styles, and ever present information needs offer a challenging context for developing computer based information systems. A management information system (MIS) is a system or process that provides information needed to manage organizations effectively. Management Information Systems (MIS) employs the integration of information technology in achieving the needs and objectives of the general workforce, managers and their organization. The development of MIS in organizations helps corporate executives in applying efficient and effective information technology-based business and economic decisions. With new trends in information technology, managers and organizations will face more advance and flexible management of organizational information. Management information systems are regarded to be a subset of the overall internal controls procedures in a business, which cover the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures used by management accountants to solve business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems. The terms MIS and information system are often confused. MIS is sometimes referred to, in a restrictive sense, as information technology management. That area of study should not be confused with computer science. IT service management is a practitioner-focused discipline. MIS has also some differences with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as ERP incorporates elements that are not necessarily focused on decision support. MIS uses computer technology to provide information and decision support to managers, helping them becomes more effective. Developments in the young computer industry are changing corporate management style. Managers at all levels use similar data. Operating managers require data which is timely, precise, detailed, internal and historical. Upper level managers need data which is aggregated, external as well as internal, future oriented as well as historical and covering a longer span time. An effective MIS cannot be built without viable data management tools. Such tools were not generally available previously. Moreover, most organizations did not effectively use DBMS technology until two decades before. Most organizations these days rely heavily on their IT systems. An important key to a successful MIS is the effective management of an organization's data resources. chapter 02

Management information system
2.1 MIS definition-
Management information system is the combination of men, machine and procedures for collecting related information from the internal and external sources of an organization, and use these information for the purpose of decision making. Another way it can say it is the integrated system of man and machine which provides information support for the decision making in the organization. MIS also can define as a computer-based information system. According to Jorge M.Scott, “MIS is comprehensive and coordinated setoff information subsystems which are rationally integrated and which transform data into information in a variety of ways to enhance productivity in conformity with the manager’s style and characteristics on the basis of established quality criteria.” 2.2 Applications of MIS

MIS has become an integral part of the organization's existence and application on several specific areas. These include strategy supports, data processing and job performance development. MIS transforms data into useful information to formulate effective management decisions. Data processing by MIS allows organization of enormous quantity of business data and provides valuable time-saving...
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