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Topics: Concept, Decision theory, Corporation Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Study and Development
Payroll System

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
Management Information System

Chapter 1

Background of the study
Monde Nissin Corporation has been providing Filipino consumers high quality products and excellent service for almost 29 years. Since then, Monde Biscuits has been a consistent top player in the market. For more than two decades now, Monde Nissin has steadily and aggressively risen to be one of the country's leading food manufacturers. From its first biscuit, Monde Nissin Corporation has evolved into a premier Food Company, which has consistently been among the Philippines' Top 100 Companies since Year 2000. The achievements of this company, is not only depend on the manufacturing facilities but also on the workers that strive for the best to make the company top among other companies. Having this people is a great pleasure to give them back an award, and the best reward for them is to have a quality process of salary. This study provides an overview of how the payroll process typically functions using the payroll system of Monde Nissin Company, The researcher aims to show how to organize this information into a secure storage and how to process changes to employee information through the proposed payroll system. The proponents cover the general beginning-to-end processing of payroll, step-by-step, irrespective of the specific payroll system, in order to show the general process flow. It also aims to show how data is managed and how system will be developed. And also it will emphasize in this study, the convenience to have new procedures with the use of this system. The researcher hopes that through this document, the company will have an idea to grab the modern technology as world industry experienced today.

Statement of the Problem
Many existing company nowadays is using developed payroll system to avoid errors and easy to manage all the data....
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