Mindtree’s Approach to Knowledge Management

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Case Assignment for MindTree
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Q1.What are the key elements of MindTree’s approach to knowledge management? How effective are they? A: The key elements of MindTree’s Approach to KM includes: 1. The way MindTree foster and build social interactions within the company. From MindTree’s value system (CLASS), the administrators have realized that employees are social creatures that wish to build and grow. Thus, they allow employees to self-organize into communities that focus upon a particular topic or aspect of the company. 2. The model in which communities are viewed or categorized in terms of their impact to MindTree. This allows the CKO to look at the knowledge community landscape from a distance, and identify where communities can grow and mature to the next level. 3. The software systems that tie these communities together virtually. KnowledgeNet, Connected Minds, Open Mind, the Kernel Initiative, and Neuron are examples of the back end software and systems that facilitated knowledge creation, reuse, project collaboration, and idea generation. The effects cased by these key elements includes:

1. Approximately 95 percent of the employees at MindTree are actively involved in a community. 2. MindTree has received a number of awards for their KM practices (i.e. 2009 Indian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise, 2009 Asian MAKE). 3. Projects that adapted KM systems fared better numerically (2.3% to 4.6%) than those that did not. 4. Through the idea nurturing system Neuron, people in MindTree shared their ideas. When employees were asked for ways to improve energy efficiency, the company received 83 suggestions, which saved MindTree over 28% on energy costs in seven months. 5. Drawbacks. The KM in MindTree has done little in the areas of customer acquisition, sales, and other externally-oriented domains. Although KM affects about 95% of the MindTree Minds, it has failed to affect 50% of the business. It is difficult to measure directly, and...
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