Mind and Morality

Topics: Mind, Perception, Ethics Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Achieving Morality
The external factors play a huge role in shaping one’s decisions. One may think that his genetic and background history has the most influence on his actions, but in reality, the intensity of a given situation has greater impact in the choices of the individual. The surroundings one lives in ultimately influences his perception, decision, and morality. In his essay, “The Power of Context,” Malcolm Gladwell states how it is the little things in life that makes the bigger difference and in many aspects this is true. In Daniel Gilbert’s essay, “Immune to Reality” he talks about how human perception about reality is not always accurate. In Oliver Sacks’s essay, “The Mind’s Eye” he shows how there are many different perceptions to view the world. So at the same time, is it possible to dictate what is right and wrong in one’s life if all the decisions are a result of his given situation and surroundings? Also the morality for each person varies depending on their circumstances and perception of their world. Ultimately, an absolute form of right and wrong does not exist because the context of the situation always changes, but still it is possible to achieve an applicable standard of morality in society.

Each individual has his own way of looking at the world that is completely unique when compared to the way another person does. This is perception of reality and this form is always open to discussion because the person generates this viewpoint. Each individual makes his decisions based on his perception of the world. “The processes by which we generate positive views are many: we pay more attention to favorable information, we surround ourselves with those who provide it, and we accept it uncritically" (Gilbert 134). In many instance one creates his own perception to suit his way of thinking, so the individual could be in the center of his world. “He seemed to regard this loss of visual imagery as a prerequisite for the full development, the...
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