Militarization of the Arctic

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, El Niño-Southern Oscillation Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Militarization of the Arctic

The fight for the Arctic area among some countries has become more and more

serious, but this area is not any country’s own property. And the anti-militarization of

Arctic has something to do with the interest of every country in the world. On one

hand, the Arctic plays an indispensable role in regulating global climate. On the other

hand, the anti-militarization has an important impact on the peace and stability of the


The arctic, like the Antarctic, was covered with thick ice throughout the year. In

recent years, along with the global climate warming, polar glacier gradually began to

melt, and this trend developed more and more quickly. A lot of fresh water pours into

the sea, which not only causes the sea levels to rise, but also affects the current flow.

And some extreme climate phenomena are related, such as the “el nino” phenomenon

and the “la nina” phenomenon. Some tropical storm, hurricanes attacked some

countries more frequently, which caused a large number of casualties and property

losses. And my country, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is one of these

countries. Therefore, if all the counties don’t stop fighting for the arctic, it certainly

will accelerate the melting of the glaciers. That’s why we should be against any

military activities and other activities except scientific research on this area. We must

maintain the present situation of the Arctic, otherwise, once the region's natural

ecological environment is destroyed, the damage caused by the global climate change

can’t be measured, especially for countries like us.

The anti-militarization of the Arctic also plays an important role in the peace and

stability of the world. On the one hand, once the Anti-Militarization fails in the Arctic,

the region will sink into nervous situation further, and the military confrontation will

turn worse. Casualties will be unavoidable. And this...
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