mice and men character analysis

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Law Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Moral Relativism and Absolutism

1]Absolutism and relativism both have their differences but actually relative is based on absolutism principles, because if it wasn’t the absolute relativism wouldn’t even be moral system. First I will start with Absolutism, Strength of Absolutism are, it has fixed standards so they won’t change and the actions can be measured against this, the guideline are clear and won’t ever get distorted for behaviour so in societies where absolutism is used as the single moral system citizens know their boundaries and would be more less likely to commit crimes because they know the consequences. When punishing people it keeps the consistency so no one person has a different or less punishment because the act will always be wrong- thus making the system fair for everyone. Absolutism morality makes it easier for governments to make rules because they know that committing that certain act will always be wrong and can choose a punishment that will fit all people.

Weaknesses of moral absolutism are that it may ignore individual circumstances, say if someone starving stole some food or a lady who committed the crime was pregnant, Absolutism would ignore all these factors although justice systems usually are a little lenient in such cases anyway. To a lot of religious people such as Christians and the Quaker foundation, may find argue that Absolutism is quite inhumane and uncompassionate to people’s personal circumstances, another concept is that most absolutist theories are religious, as a lot of religious laws do not have a second opinion, it is either allowed or forbidden, for example- committing adultery is expressively forbidden in the Roman Catholic Church and Islam- no matter what situation or culture the person is in so one an atheist may argue that religion has no place in our moral system. An important issue is that absolutism theories put the law before the people, as the act based on the law...
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