Mexican Revolution Essay

Topics: Politics, Elite, Communism Pages: 4 (620 words) Published: April 28, 2011
mexican revolution essay

During the mexico war of independence and the royalist

coalition, there where alot of political problems. these

political problems effected the war in many different ways.

some things that wereeproblems were poliitica

l repercussion, new political changes and also the political

issue whith war. the royalist coalition made some good and

bad achevements which then goes on into the elites,

which had alot of readjustments.

Since there was good amount of repercussion (fall out) ,

during this time there were many groups constituting the

elite and having different ideas. So the political system had

to regroup at an political apex, which is the head. Now

there is a junior segment that are confrontating about

military and political life. They are trying to do everything

from having to keep on with the po;itical repercussion.

The apex is trying to communicate whith different

countries, so they can get out of this political

repercussion. During this time senior creoles and

peninsular elite where trying to communicate about the

demand for power sharing. These people where the


and member of the bureuacracy, also they were senior

churchmen. Through out ti,e the political situation, became

more of a problem fo survival of metropolition (city)

authority. Later in the 18th century there was an economic

change, if it hadn't been for that change the state of

political life would have been more po;iticaly repercussion

then it was.

There where many polices to help whith the political

repercussion. Why? because they need to see if this and that

poloce would help the issue whith the political repercussion.

There where political postions that had been taken becausr of

all the things that has been happning, even though it may sound

bad that postion where being...
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