Mercy Killing

Topics: Morality, Suffering, Kill Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: February 22, 2014
English Composition II
A Crime of Compassion & the Quality of Mercy
The Merciful Crime
Huttman’s and Rosenblatt’s essays make mercy and compassionate killing difficult to analyze rather than being easily determined. Huttman’s essay was based off of a fact of morals than what’s legal. Rosenblatt’s was that it was illegal of what Roswell did but out of his love for his wife he took her life. My opinion is that in a sense Huttman’s was more acceptable than Roswell because of the state his wife was in, as in not being hospitalized. Hers was more a personal situation while Rosenblatt was detached from his essay. People have a choice to end their suffering or to continue to endure it as long as they have a conscious. Both essays have victims who diagnosed from an illness and their caretaker end their suffering but, in Huttman’s first hand experience she writes about a decision that affected her life which was acceptable and while Rosenblatt’s essay was about a man who kills his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s and felt it upon himself to end her life from the continuation of being a “suffering animal” she was still healthy and alive not bedridden and that was legal. Barbara is stating that we have a right to live and not the right to die due to what we have developed in time that prolongs life and now we have to use it. Barbara Huttman writes of her first hand experience and to bring present the side of the nurse with a life-changing experience, and having to deal with a decision that affected her. In Rosenblatt’s essay an article states that you always hurt the one you love and in Gilbert’s case he did. Gilbert’s wife was suffering from the disease Alzheimer’s, and it made Gilbert feel wrong because he chose to kill her rather than continue to live with his wife’s situation. He ended her life was morally unacceptable and keeping her alive would only put her in pain for a longer period of time. Gilbert was humane, civilized and he killed his wife which was...
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