Memorandum: Morality and Transplant

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Organ transplant Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: September 4, 2012
The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and describe the process in which I decided on who would be awarded the heart transplant. The time to make the decision is short, but the decision must be made with professional ethical choices. There were three candidates who were a recipient match: Jerry, male, 55 years old; Lisa, female, 12 years old; and Ozzy, male, 38 years old. There were two ethical dilemmas I was faced with when deciding who should be awarded the transplant. The first dilemma was who would be chosen as the recipient of the heart transplant. My decision was based on the ethical theory of my action and decision resulting in the greatest good coming from them (Hinman, 2007). I had to decide which recipient would receive the greatest amount of good from the transplant. My ultimate decision took into account “that the rightness or wrongness of actions is determined by the goodness or badness of their consequences” (Ruggiero, 2008, p.145). I took into account the background and future of the three potential recipients when deciding. Jerry needs the heart because of damage done due to steroid use in his early twenty’s. He has a wife and three teenage children, and is the sole money maker in the family. He is a middle level manager at a carpet distributor, and is five years short of retirement. With the transplant, chances are very high for him to live another 10-15 years. Lisa needs the heart because of damage done during a nasty bout with pneumonia last year. She has dealt with several health issues her whole life due to viral infections and a lupus like immune deficiency. Her father is a fellow doctor her on the staff, and has offered to donate $2 million to the hospital for her daughter to receive a new heart. Even with the transplant, the chances are not good she will live into her twenty’s. Ozzy needs the heart because of damage caused by the abuse and overdose of crack cocaine. He is a recovering addict, who recently has been helping and...
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