Memo: Filter System Installation

Topics: Global warming, Emission standards, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 1, 2014
William b. Friedman CeO of con-glom inc.
Joe Smith consultant of con-glom Inc.
Filter system installation for 5 locations
December 20, 2013
con-glom Management committee

Dear Mr. Friedman, to whom this may concern,
Due to a coalition of concerned Scientist and environmental groups, the public has cried out for change in large companies that are emitting unsafe amounts of emissions. I know you’ve found loopholes in the past to avoid complying with federal emission standards because you have been more focused on job security, productivity, and profitability, but scientists and environmental groups have issued a report on global warming. The report points to several climate change risks: rising ocean levels, erosion of shorelines, disruption of agriculture, and loss of animal habitat. With this comes the need for change in our company, at a time when the company already faces serious financial problems. Everyone, at each of the eleven plants, has put in tremendous time and effort throughout this past year. In amalgamation of the reports written by scientists and environmental groups, the outcry of the public, and federal emission standards, Con-Glom Inc. has been requested to install filtration systems at all different plants. All opposing groups and the general public would like you to install filtration systems at all eleven of your plants, which would then cause you to shut down your Greenwhich, Illinois location and leave 1,400 unemployed. However, I am confident and strongly recommend going with the alternative option of only installing the filtering systems at 5 plants. You would not be forced to shut down any plant, completely, and instead of 1,400 employees being laid off , only 700 would be, and while the filtering systems cost $75,000 to install, you would only have to install 5 instead of all 11; reducing installations costs by over 50%. Production would temporarily be scaled by 5%, but I’m...
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