Mega cities

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Climate change, Government Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: January 21, 2014
Explain why some governments are more willing than others to help tackle climate change:

Climate change is the significant change in the earth’s climate during a period of 30 years. Some governments may be more willing than others to help tackle climate due to advantages and disadvantages for their countries.

Some governments may not agree to tackle climate change as it could affect their economy. An example of this are NCI’s, for example China. China is behind the mass production of many products therefore their carbon emissions are very high. Tackling climate change may not be in the interest of China as it could mean a negative affect on the countries growth and industrialisation. This may be why some governments may be more willing than others to help tackle climate.

Developing countries may also be reluctant in tackling climate change as they may argue that it is the responsibility of MEDCs as they are the one’s who emit the most carbon dioxide. They may believe that as they are not the one’s contributing highly to climate change they should not invest money into tackling it. This money could be used for things such as food, clothing and medicine which they may believe are more important than helping the climate. Why should developing countries have to suffer for the damaged MEDCs are doing just to live luxurious lives. This is why developing countries may be reluctant to tackle climate change.

Some countries such as Norway are more willing to tackle climate change. This is because they believe it is in their people’s interest to tackle climate change as preventing climate change now will make a huge beneficial impact in the long term. “Norway, UK, U.S. Allocate $280 Million to Stop Deforestation”. Norway has already started investing money to tackle climate change, this because of pressure from the people in Norway, to avoid conflict the government has seen it is in their best interest to listen to their people and invest money in stopping...
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