Mb0047 - Management Information Systems

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MB0047 - Management Information Systems Assignment Set- 1

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Ques 1): What is MIS? Define the characteristics of MIS? What are the basic Functions of MIS? Give some Disadvantage of MIS?

Answer: Management Information Systems (MIS):-

MIS is the discipline which focuses on the management of information and communications technology elements within business organizations. Specifically, MIS places distinct emphasis on the three core facets through which an organization processes information - people, processes, and information technologies. Accordingly, students who enroll in the MIS program learn to design, build, implement, and manage information systems that will support the information processing needs of an organization. The program is oriented toward the design of systems that will improve an organization's operational efficiency, add value to existing products, engender innovation and new product development, enhance or add new features to distribution channels and other elements of commercial systems, support collaboration of distributed teams, and help managers make better decisions. Typically, this focus involves the use of advanced information and communications technologies.

 MIS characteristics:-

1. It supports transaction handling and record keeping. 2. It is also called as integrated database Management System which supports in major functional areas. 3. It provides operational, tactical, and strategic level managers with east access to timely but, for the most, structured information. 4. It supports decision –making function which is a vital role of MIS. 5. It is flexible which is needed to adapt to the changing needs of the organization. 6. It promotes security system by providing only access to authorized users. 7. MIS not only provides statistical and data analysis but also works on the basis on MBO (management by objectives). MIS is successfully used for measuring performance and making necessary change in the organizational plans and procedures. It helps to build relevant and measurable objectives, monitor results, and send alerts. 8. Coordination: MIS provides integrated information so that all the departments are aware of the problem and requirements of the other departments. This helps in equal interaction of the different centers and connects decision centers of the organization. 9. Duplication of data is reduced since data is stored in the central part and same data can be used by all the related departments. 10. MIS eliminates redundant data.

11. It helps in maintaining consistency of data. It is divided into subsystems. Handlings with small systems are much easier than an entire system. This helps in giving easy access of data, accuracy and better information production. 12. MIS assembles, process, stores, Retrieves, evaluates and disseminates the information.

Function of MIS:-

1. The main function of MIS is to help the managers and the executives in the organization in decision making. 2. Large quantities of data like customer’s information, competitor’s information, and personnel records, sales data, accounting data etc is collected from internal sources like the company records and external sources like annual reports and publications. 3. The collected data is organized in the form of a database. 4. The data from the database is processed and analysed by using different tools and techniques. 5. The results of the analysis is properly presented to the managers to help them...
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