Marxism Theory

Topics: Communism, Marxism, Karl Marx Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Marxism is defined as the economic and political theory and practice that was created by the German political philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marx and Engels expressed their will that the economic conditions of a state should be determined by all citizens. With the rise of capitalism and communism as competing economic and politic doctrines the genuine democracy sought by each system came to hold differing sets of values. As communist Lenin explains, “Democracy is a state which recognizes the demands of the minority to majority to use of force by one class against another.” This quote refers to the communist uprising of the lower class within Russia and the expulsion of the Russian higher class under the czar’s leadership. On the other hand, capitalist democracy is seen as exploiting the lower classes for the economic and political betterment of the higher class. The exploitation of the lower class within a capitalist system is what will cause the transition by any revolutionary means to a communist society. This transition is driven by the will of the lower class to equate them politically, economically, and socially with the upper class and government leaders of a country. By creating a system where, unlike capitalism, all individuals are able to participate in the affairs of the state as well as be recognized as citizens with full social and economic rights, a genuine democracy will be achieved. The pitfalls of such a transition are evident in the often violent and tragic civil wars or lower class revolutions that often are used to create a communist state. Though violent revolutions are not always present such as the Velvet Revolution by the communist party in Russia in 1913, many such as the Chinese, Vietnamese and North Korean communists governments were established through wide spread warfare. Although a genuine democracy may be too difficult to establish through current economic, social or political means in either capitalists or communists...
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