Marketing Strategy Based on the Family Decision-Making Process

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Marketing Strategy Based on the Family
Decision-Making Process
Connie Wong R46018012

1. Why do I choose vacuum cleaner?
A. So much housework needs to be shared, with family members or cleaning machine.
Who is in charge of housework in your families? Mother, father or housework is shared by family members?
As far as I know, generally most of the housework is done by the wife in a family. Particularly when the mother is also a working one. Exhausted after a day’s hard work, she has to do housework so that the house won't fall into a mess. But the fact is obvious and comforting that more and more husbands and children are willing to share this work, or try their best to help the wife or mother to relieve the burden. The vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly a good choice.

B. So many kinds of vacuum cleaners are in the market, with different styles, functions, prices…
However, you see, there are a lot of brands in the market. Making a right decision is not that easy. You need to know the brands, functions, and even aftersales service. Then you need to compare different products and make a final decision. Since the cleanness of house is relevant to all members’ life and health, this decision may not be made by individuals. So I think this product is a good and suitable example for today’s topic.

2. Introduction of the families
Family A: the Wangs is from mainland China. The family is composed of middleaged parents and two children in twenties, and is a very democratic one. The housework is shared by all members at regular intervals. So long as the members have time, they will do it voluntarily.

Family B: the Lins come from Taiwan, with middle-aged parents and 3 boys. The eldest one has entered the society but still live with parents. The second is a college student in NCKU and live alone. And the youngest one in junior high school and only goes home at weekend. The father is busy with his business. So, almost all housework is done by mother.

Family C: the Lees, a young couple with no child. Both have jobs and very busy in daytime. The decisions are made by both mostly. The husband loves his wife very much. As to housework, he can’t do it himself because he needs to travel on business. But he always try to help her.

3. Data of each family and possible marketing strategy

Segment: Vacuum Cleaner
Family A: the Wangs( Full Nest II: Middle-Aged Married with Children at Home; From China) Stage in the
Decision Process

Family Members

Family Members’ Motivation
and Interests
*Housework is time
*The hygienic dead angle is
difficult to clean


Children, Wife



*Get board information from
the Internet;
*Expect to find an userfriendly, sophisticated and
technologically advanced
*Focus on well-known brand,
high quality, and low noise


Husband, Wife


Wife, Children



*Make room for other things;


Wife, Husband,

*Gain experience for a new
and smaller machine

*Consult friends who sell or
be familiar with household
*Valuable for money;
*Make rooms clean and
comfortable asap

Marketing Strategy and
>House cleaning can be very
>the cleaner is suitable those
who like to clean into every
nook and cranny
>Open a online-shop with
well-designed ad;
>The product is perfect in all
>adopt the most advanced
technologies and materials
>Present the brand’s history,
awards, sale volume,
popularity and feedback from
>the product is of silent
>You will never regret if you
buy this product with high
>We can provide you the
fastest solution;
>safe for children
>A cleaner which is small but
>It is time to have a entirely
new feel

Segment: Vacuum Cleaner
Family B: the Lins( Full Nest II: Middle-Aged Married with Children...
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