Marketing Communication Theory and Practice Assessment

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Marketing Communication Theory and Practice assessment

Julia Putnina (08343421)
First year student


Rationale: “STARBUCKS Double Shot Espresso” TV Advert. Theory:AIDA / Linear model of communication.

Description:It is an advert for a Starbucks product: Double shot espresso in a can that was launched in a year 2002. It is about a young professional man who is getting ready for the work as usual. Nevertheless, this morning he had a “Starbucks Double Shot espresso”. When he had his first sip out of the can, a band named “Survivor” starts to sing a song. They are with him until he gets to the work and is full of confidence and energy to work through this day.

From my point of view, this is an affective piece of communication because they use humour and it is getting the buzz for the nostalgic song choice, a driving beat and the universal loathing of earnest ambition. The song is a re-make of the “Eye of the tiger” (Survivor) and they are delivering the message through songs’ lyrics. In addition, they use the real band whose song is it and let them to sing the re-make.

The advert uses these theories AIDA (Strong, 1925) and DAGMAR

• They have all four AIDA (Table 1) stages that a salesperson needs to look at before launching the advert. • Four stages are: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. However, ‘interest’ and ‘desire’ are more related to the product itself than to the advert. • DAGMAR (Table 2) is Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results. It is an approach to advertising planning and a precise method for selecting and quantifying goals or a simple framework and for using those goals to measure performance.

This advert is a good example of these theories because

• They get the Attention with a familiar song that everybody knows. It is famous, because of the movie “Rocky”. In addition, in the movie this song was playing when the main character achieved his goals. That is why they use this song in this advert, it shows that Glen (the main character in this advert) can and will achieve his goals. • Customers are always Interested in new products. In addition, Starbucks made a new drink that is interesting and in a can. It was something new for the audience. • However, Action in this advert is the biggest part. The band is singing and going after Glen everywhere, even in the bus. They follow him until he gets to work. That is why consumers watch this advert until the end, to see what will happen. • From DAGMAR model, they have put everything in - Image, attitude, awareness. This advert just “takes you”.

Evaluation: I would say that this advert is one of the best adverts. Because, you want to watch it until the end, and they use the main things to make people to watch it until the end – humour and something familiar: the song. It made me even to sing along with it. Even though it is an old advert, I think it would look good nowadays as well. Moreover, it helps to remember the brand and the product, because you have the full attention to this advert until the end.

The Rationale: Starbucks Survivor “Glen” commercial (on youtube)

In addition, the DVD with this advert on it is attached.


Richard J. Varey; (2002); Marketing Communication Principles and Practice; London & New York.

Internet source:

Secondary sources:
Slides from Marketing Communication Theory and Practice lectures (5, 8, 9)


Rationale: Full campaign “60 Earth Hour”
Theory: Attitude change / Direct and Indirect interaction

Description: Earth Hour is the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming. WWF are asking people all around the world to vote for the Earth safety. WWF want to reach the target of 1 billion votes by the time...
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